Multiple Projects

Multiple Projects

Grand Island is situated in the Niagara River straddling Niagara and Erie counties in Western NY. The District's 5 schools serve a student population of 3,000.

Campus joined the Grand Island CSD Project Team early in the planning stage for its $51.4 million district-wide renovations project, assisting with pre-referendum scope development, estimating, and public meetings. After careful strategy, the District decided to put the project out to vote in two separate propositions. The first proposition contained the highest-priority scope items. The second contained additional program components that were contingent on voter approval of the first proposition. A highly informative and interactive public information campaign resulted in significant voter turnout and overwhelming support for the project.

Proposition 1, which has no tax impact on District residents and businesses, includes $46.8m in renovations to five District buildings that were identified as part of the District's State-mandated Building Condition Survey. Voters approved the proposition 1,610 to 292.

Proposition 2, which could only be considered upon passage of Proposition 1, enables the District to add $4.6m in outdoor athletic improvements auditorium renovations to the main project. The included scope items are additional priorities that didn't fit into the "zero tax impact" option. Proposition 2 passed 1,362 to 516, with a .02 percent tax increase.

Campus also provided pre-referendum and construction management services for the District's new transportation facility, which was approved by voters in December 2012.

Cannon Design
Grand Island, NY
$51.4 | $6.4M
Pre-referendum Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction management
2015 | 2016