Webster's Sandbar Park Progresses Smoothly

Progress continues on the Sandbar Park Waterfront Improvements Project, which is currently on schedule and comfortably within budget. Sandbar Park — a family-friendly destination with a panoramic waterfront view — sits on a narrow isthmus that bridges the towns of Webster and Irondequoit. It straddles Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay, leading to a pier that provides an outlet between both waterfronts. The revitalization project will fortify the Sandbar Park area to protect it from future flooding and will provide safer, improved public access both to the park and to the shores of Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay.

New features that will be added to expand and enhance the park include a play area, public restrooms, a shade structure, landscaping and open lawn spaces. New sidewalks and a multimodal pathway will provide safe access for pedestrians and bicycles, with beautiful views of both waterfronts. An ADA-accessible kayak launch, dock, and beach will allow the park to support additional recreational activity and use.

Sandbar Park 2022 Construction Update: Presentation to Webster Town Board

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