Kenmore - Tonawanda UFSD

Multiple Projects

Known by locals simply as Ken-Ton, this Erie County district just outside of Buffalo is home to 13 schools that serve over 7,000 students.

In December 2009, voters approved a $58.8 million renovations project to renovate all 13 of the district’s schools. The project was approved by voters 1288-358. The project's scope was prioritized under 4 major needs categories. Health and safety improvements included MEP upgrades, ADA compliance upgrades, asbestos abatement, and fire alarm upgrades. Building envelope work included roofing, window replacements, and masonry restoration to buildings and chimneys. Academic program enhancements included gym and locker room renovations, kitchen/cafeteria renovations, and media center renovations at 4 elementary schools. The project also addressed technology improvements such as data closet ventilation and public address system upgrades an the middle and high schools.

Voters approved Phase II improvements in December 2014. The $51.5 million project addressed grade-level reconfiguration for grades 8-12 and included $29.9 million in additional district-wide upgrades in the 4 major needs categories. Another $21.6 million in improvements was approved under a second proposition, which allowed athletic playing field improvements (both grass and turf), new concession area with restrooms and seating, and auditorium renovations at three schools to be included with the project.

Gordon W. Jones Associates
Buffalo, NY
$58.8M | $51.5M
Pre-referendum Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction Management
2015 | 2018